Diogo Alves is the person behind the stunning still life images you see on this website. “This was the second collab we did. I simply asked him to put the materiality in the first place, focusing on terracotta, and having a few pieces of food laying around. These feelings and expression in the photos are incredible!” Paulo Sellmayer, creative director.

Nearby the city of Leiria, you find an old restaurant / barbershop called “O Pião”, the spinning top. We love traditional portuguese food and we look for the best Tascos all the time. This was the setting for the first Tasco Collection photoshoot, by our friend Tiago Gomes.

We started this new brand knowing we wanted to work with someone very experienced and close by. Turns out, not only is João Coelho an excellent potter but he is also an excellent painter, making beautiful and intrincate motifs look easy.