Mariana, a miserável

Mariana, a miserável. Since 2010 she participates collective and solo exhibitions among with other projects from books, independent publications, posters, murals, magazines and newspapers.

Products: Sesta Plate

Mariana Malhão

Mariana Malhão is a young illustrator based in Porto whose work ranges independent published books. She is one of the Co-Founders of Srª Presidenta.

Products: Animalia Pot


Bruno Reis Santos aka Mantraste is a prolific illustrator whose works ranges from book covers to posters and mural paintings.

Products: A Cavalo no Burro

José Torres

José Torres aka Cosmvs is a graphic designer and independent art director, born and based in Lisbon. With a work specialized in typography and iconography, he is behind the identity design of Tasco. He is a real tasqueiro like us.

Feleciano Agostinho

Feleciano Agostinho is a master potter from Viana do Alentejo. And a master cook as well.

Feliciano Agostinho

Feliciano Agostinho is the last generation of a family of potters from Viana do Alentejo.

Rosa Baptista

Rosa Baptista paints the typical Viana do Alentejo motives. She works closely with Feliciano Agostinho.

João Coelho

João Coelho is from a potter’s family of Moitalina. Having worked in different fields, his hands are happier touching the cold and wet red clay.

Paulo Sellmayer

A Tasqueiro in essence, Paulo Sellmayer is the Creative Director of Tasco and VICARA.

Products: Chouriceira

Brunno Jahara

Rio de Janeiro based designer Brunno Jahara is an energetic champion of a fresh new Brazilian design scene.

Products: Conterrâneos

Mariana Filipe

Designer and potter, Mariana is also Malga Ceramic, a studio dedicated to the creation of tableware pieces full of soul.

Products: Cachoupo collection


Halfstudio is a Lettering and Sign Painting studio established by Mariana Branco and Emanuel Barreira.

Products: Pitéu collection

Monica Santos Studio

Monica Santos is a Porto-based design studio, founded by Monica Braga dos Santos. Time & happiness are key there, and each object is seen as a moment in life, one to be experienced.

Products: Pausa collection

Rui Pereira

Senior developer & industrial designer at Hay and founder of Rui’s research focus on finding new perspectives and experiences by proposing new product typologies that create an immediate connection with the user.

Product: Lateira

Luís Nascimento

Luis is a multidisciplinary designer who is continually in search for meaningful products.

Products: Bajouca and Base.

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