The pottery from Viana do Alentejo is the basis for the Tasco em Viana collection. Four illustrators teamed up with pottery makers and painters to created beautiful contemporary pieces.

Tasco Tableware is going north to Sra. Presidenta Gallery, where we are exhibiting the pieces developed in Viana do Alentejo’s residency. Starting from the 11th December, until the 20th January, you will be able to get to know everything.

Four Portuguese illustrators under the artistic direction of Vicara have been invited to work in Viana do Alentejo with the Feliciano Agostinho family of potters. The characteristic local traditional motifs are the starting point for this immersive week long residency into this heart of the Alentejo culture.

With this shooting we had the opportunity to create new partnerships, strengthening our relationships between local brands. We thank everyone involved for this collaboration :)!

While the other tascos are preparing for the long-awaited reopening, we had the help of Adega do Albertino for our shooting made by Anita Gonçalves, which we will share with you in the upcoming posts. Until then, let’s set the table for all of you.

Welcome to our Tasco, where great stories, news and places are shared. Take a seat, order something to drink and enjoy the afternoon in good company. If you have some photos of great Tascos you want to share with us, send us a message through our Instagram page or by email to

To celebrate our collaboration with the most beautiful shop in Lisbon, A Vida Portuguesa in Intendente, we are presenting for the first time the Illustrated Plates. Join us in this event and get to know Tasco a little bit better!

During the Covid-19 confinement we collaborated with Monica Santos Studio and challenged the creative community to submit illustration proposals on our Instagram. We chose 4 illustrations for our collection, from more than 300 designs.

Diogo Alves is the person behind the stunning still life images you see on this website.“I simply asked him to put the materiality in the first place, focusing on terracotta and its connection to food laying.” Paulo Sellmayer, creative director.

Nearby the city of Leiria, you find an old restaurant / barbershop called “O Pião”, the spinning top. We love traditional portuguese food and we look for the best Tascos all the time. This was the setting for the first Tasco Collection photoshoot, by our friend Tiago Gomes.

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