Mariana, a miserável

Mariana, a miserável. Since 2010 she participates collective and solo exhibitions among with other projects from books, independent publications, posters, murals, magazines and newspapers.

Products: Sesta Plate

Mariana Malhão

Mariana Malhão is a young illustrator based in Porto whose work ranges independent published books. She is one of the Co-Founders of Srª Presidenta.

Products: Animalia Pot


Bruno Reis Santos aka Mantraste is a prolific illustrator whose works ranges from book covers to posters and mural paintings.

Products: A Cavalo no Burro

José Torres

José Torres aka Cosmvs is a graphic designer and independent art director, born and based in Lisbon. With a work specialized in typography and iconography, he is behind the identity design of Tasco. He is a real tasqueiro like us.

Feleciano Agostinho

Feleciano Agostinho is a master potter from Viana do Alentejo. And a master cook as well.

Feliciano Agostinho

Feliciano Agostinho is the last generation of a family of potters from Viana do Alentejo.

Rosa Mira

Rosa Mira paints the typical Viana do Alentejo motives. She works closely with Feliciano Agostinho.

João Coelho

João Coelho is from a potter’s family of Moitalina. Having worked in different fields, his hands are happier touching the cold and wet red clay.

Paulo Sellmayer

A Tasqueiro in essence, Paulo Sellmayer is the Creative Director of Tasco and VICARA.

Products: Chouriceira

Brunno Jahara

Rio de Janeiro based designer Brunno Jahara is an energetic champion of a fresh new Brazilian design scene.

Products: Conterrâneos

Mariana Filipe

Designer and potter, Mariana is also Malga Ceramic, a studio dedicated to the creation of tableware pieces full of soul.

Products: Cachoupo collection


Halfstudio is a Lettering and Sign Painting studio established by Mariana Branco and Emanuel Barreira.

Products: Pitéu collection

Monica Santos Studio

Monica Santos is a Porto-based design studio, founded by Monica Braga dos Santos. Time & happiness are key there, and each object is seen as a moment in life, one to be experienced.

Products: Pausa collection

Rui Pereira

Senior developer & industrial designer at Hay and founder of Rui’s research focus on finding new perspectives and experiences by proposing new product typologies that create an immediate connection with the user.

Product: Lateira

Luís Nascimento

Luis is a multidisciplinary designer who is continually in search for meaningful products.

Products: Bajouca and Base.

Catarina Estevão

Catarina Estevão graduated in Graphic Design from ESAD.Cr, and has more than 10 years experience working in communication agencies in Portugal. One of the winners of the Tasco Design Challenge 2020.

Daniela Cruz

Daniela Cruz graduated in Design from Universidade Lusíada and ESMAD in Porto. Since then she has been working in the fields of graphic design and Art and Set Decor. One of the winners of the Tasco Design Challenge 2020.

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